NOTE: Aaron Links would like to personally thank the following people who have encouraged and helped him regarding guitar-playing [ in chronological order ]: Don Impink, David Porter, Fabian Luna, Greg Gallegos/McCool, and Jim Casey.

     Aaron Links began playing guitar in his late teenage years after being inspired by Joe Satriani’s “Always With Me, Always With You”, and Eddie Van Halen’s “Eruption”. Though he was strongly interested in instrumental guitar playing, during college he competed successfully as a natural bodybuilder. While in college, Links met former Nashville session guitarist, Greg Gallegos/McCool. Gallegos/McCool instructed Links, helping him to refine his guitar-playing techniques. Links wrote most of his first album, Firstlight, during this time. At age 28, Links decided to focus on his music interests.

     After college, Links attended the Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences (CRAS) in Arizona. At CRAS, Links learned how to record music in the classic sense of large-budget studio productions, before dropping out of the school and building his home studio in 2012. Links recorded Firstlight in his home, releasing the album in 2018.


lead guitar style & tone influences

Joe Satriani    Eddie Van Halen    Def Leppard    The Scorpions    Bon Jovi    Dick Dale    Chuck Berry    Guns ‘n’ Roses    Winger    Gary Hoey    Skid Row    The Ventures

I’m influenced by a large amount of classical music, which I listen to regularly. I really enjoy slower pieces by Chopin, my favorite classical composer. I find inspiration from many different types of musicians. I thoroughly enjoy classical film scores and themes by Danny Elfman and John Williams, among many others. -Aaron Links


Greg Gallegos/McCool, seen here blazing away on a Fender Stratocaster in a Music Go Round store in New Mexico.


Aaron Links’ improvised bedroom while attending CRAS