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january 3rd, 2022
Wow, it’s actually now 2022! I thought we were all supposed to be riding hover-boards like in the Back To The Future movies. At least we can all have a home music studio, but I’d still like to have a levitating skateboard. If you think 2021 was crazy, you’re going to be surprised (in my opinion) by 2022! To watch my latest videos on YouTube, use the link in the paragraph below this one. YouTube used to be a fantastic platform, and while I’ll have content there, I’ll also be diversifying to another platform (yet to be decided, but possibly Gab). A new song is near recording and is undergoing some rewrites and additional rehearsals. I look forward to sharing once it’s finished.


To watch my irreverent streaming content channel on YouTube, “tune fart”, click here. My channel currently has information on building and placing your own home studio acoustic treatment, complete with do-it-yourself acoustic panels, general guitar playing info, and other music production information, with plenty of mockery. The video page on this site has an example video from my channel.